Team Rosters and Schedules

Monday Morning Mens:  (Bruce Mentzel) Draw 5 Begins March 19
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Monday/Tuesday Night:  (Gerry Tomalty) Championship Draws
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Monday Afternoon: (Simone Crabb and Linda Selig) 

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Tuesday/Thursday Morning:  (Bill Bonner) 

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Tuesday Afternoon: (Graeme Crabb) Draw 4 Begins February 27

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Wednesday Day Ladies: (Sandy Pulham and Kathy Smallwood)

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Wednesday Night: (Ted Glugosh)  Draw 3 Begins January 31

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Thursday Afternoon: (Graeme Crabb) Draw 4 Begins March 1

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Thursday Night: (Dave Thompson) Draw 5 Begins March 29

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Friday Morning Senior Men: (Bill Bonner)  Draw 5 Begins March 16
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Friday Night

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