Looking to curl but not sure when?  This page describes the leagues, times and person to contact with any questions you may have.

Evening Leagues

Monday/Tuesday:  is what we call "Skip's Choice" or fixed teams.  This league is competitive and therefore appeals to more experienced curlers.  New to the club curlers looking for a team can speak with the convener to see if there are any openings on teams or sign up on the spare list.  Draws are at 6:30 and 8:30 pm.  The convenor is Gerry Tomalty.   gtomalty@sympatico.ca or (613)264-9984

Wednesday/Thursday:  These evenings offers a wide range of skill levels and is appealing to beginner curlers or those looking for a more social game.  Teams are re-arranged every five or six weeks so that players get an opportunity to meet, play and socialize with new people each rotation. Games start at 7:00 pm. Wednesday's convener is Chuck Kozo.  chucklestoyou@gmail.com (613)278-0162 and Thursday's convener is  David Thompson.  dave.thompson@f55f.com Phone (613)264-2807.

Friday Night Fun:  These evening are meant to be strictly social.  This year we plan a mix of regular games and Mixed Doubles with the fun beginning at 6:30 pm. Linda Selig at lmselig@yahoo.com or 264-0945, is your contact person and sign up sheets will be posted in the Clubhouse.  All skill levels are welcome.

Saturday Night Pot-Luck and Curl: We’ve got four Saturday nights set aside this season for Potlucks. Come, play a game and then enjoy the pot-luck. Or, just bring a dish to share and join in the fun. Barb Hewitt convenes this. 267-7476 or bjhewitt@bell.net.


Day Leagues

Monday/Friday Morning:  Fixed men's teams in this competitive league are drawn every five weeks.  Draws are at 8:30 and 10:30am.  Monday's league is convened by Bruce Mentzel - brucemen@bell.net or (613) 267-6700.  If you are interested in Friday mornings, the convener is Bob Mikels.  tech@perthcurling.ca or (613) 259-2909.

Tuesday/Thursday Morning:  Senior men's teams are formed after everyone's arrival.  This league appeals to a less competitive player who enjoys the camaraderie.  They are best known for their monthly luncheons.  Games begin at 10:00 Bill Bonner convenes this league.  wobonn@hotmail.com or (613) 390-1473.

Wednesday Morning:  Ladies' teams are formed after everyone arrives to play 8 end games that begin at 9:30am or 1:30pm, according to a pre-determined schedule.   Games are most often followed by coffee and socializing.  All skill levels are accommodated.  The convenor is Kathy Smallwood - kathyndoug@hotmail.com or (905)251-4915.

Monday Afternoon:  Drop in play begins at 1:30 pm.  Teams are formed once everyone arrive.  Donna Hutchings convenes at dhutchings.133@gmail.com or (613)326-0831.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoon:  Fixed mixed teams are rotated every five weeks, with games being played at 1:00 and 3:00pm.  This league appeals to all skill levels.  For information the convener is Graeme Crabb - graeme.crabb@gmail.com or (613)264-2767.

Junior Leagues


We are very proud of our strong junior program and our dedicated group of certified coaches.  The programs supports "Little Rocks" (7-12 years of age), "Bantam" (13-16 years of age) and Junior members who are 17 - 20 years old.  We have had some very successful curlers come up through our ranks.  

Monday/Tuesday Afternoon:  Bantams and Juniors curl after school at 4:00pm.  

Sundays Afternoon:  Little Rocks curl at 12:30 and 2:30 pm.

Bill Ferrier is the program coordinator at bferrier2012@gmail.com or (613)267-6729.