Perth Curling Club Frequently Asked Questions 


How can I join?  Click on "Join Us" at the top, fill out the application, drop it off at the club or mail it in.  Or join us on Open House Night.

What if I don't know how to curl?  We offer "Learn To Curl" training sessions at the start of each season.  Additionally, our Coordinator can hook you up with any one of our qualified curling coaches or trainers.  

Can I join mid-season?  We do have a number of curlers who head south for the winter, so it is possible to start curling midway through the year.

Can I join for half a year?  Yes, we have snow-bird memberships.

What if I just want to party?  We thought of that too.  Become a social member.

How can I find the email address or phone number for another member?  A list of members can be found under the "About" tab.  It's kept private, but you can access it with a password.

How can I add my name to a Spare list?  Once you are a member, contact the convener of that particular league, and your name will go on a list.

I'm looking for a Spare?  Contact the people listed on your league spare list and if none are available, feel free to contact other curlers on the membership list.

What if I'm going to be late?  Call the club or call or text a team-mate to let them know, so they don't forfeit the game.

I want to Volunteer?  Great!  Our club is fueled by everyone pulling their weight.  The membership application has check boxes for things you may be interested in, but also anytime during the year, you can add your name to the list by contacting the person/s responsible.  Our bonspiels, leagues, kitchen, and bar are all volunteer run.  We love our volunteers!

What Bursary?  In 2010, the club established two $250.00 bursaries to be awarded to one male and one female who have been active members of our Junior Program and are graduating from high school and continuing their education.

What's the "Pot of Gold"?  It's an important way we have to support our Junior Program.  It's the little box that resides on the bar.  To enter this weekly draw, drop in a Toonie, sign your name, and if your name is drawn from our membership roster, you win half the proceeds, with the other half going to the Juniors to help offset their costs.  Any funds not won stay in the pot for the next weekly draw.

How can I get a name badge?  New members will be provided a club badge upon registration.  If you've lost or damaged yours and need a replacement, contact the Membership Chairperson.

How can I get a locker?  Indicate you'd like one by paying for one on your membership application and then speak with our Membership Chairperson about selecting one.